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Red Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon

cabernet sauvignon is one of the world's most widely known and recognized red wine grape varieties. cabernet sauvignon became internationally recognized through its reputation in bordeaux wines, where it is often blended with cabernet franc and merlot. it is grown in almost every major wine producing country, the grape spread across europe, where it has found home to places like california, new zealand, australia, and regions of chile. cabernet sauvignon's popularity can often be attributed to its ease in cultivation, the grapes have thick skins and vines that are hardy and hang low to the ground, budding late to avoid frost and resistant to viticulture hazards. the typical flavor profile of cabernet sauvignon tends to be full bodied with high tannins and noticeable acidity that impacts the wine's aging potential. in cooler climates, cabernet sauvignon tends to produce wines with blackcurrant, mint and cedar. in modern climates, there are notes of black cherry and black olive notes, and in very hot climates the flavors veer towards the over-ripe and jammy side.