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Arietta H Block Red 2011

The 2011 Arietta Red Wine H Block Hudson Vineyards, Arietta's "eldest child" and best known red wine, returns to the fold after a year-long sabbatical. Beginning with the 2011 vintage, Merlot from the adjacent Hudson I Block joins the Cabernet Francfrom our celebrated H Block on the Hudson Ranch on the Napa side of Carneros, and provides an especially juicy core to the wine. We welcomed the H Block's new Merlot partner by making a wine that is 54% Merlot and 46% Cabernet Franc – the first reverse blend for the H Block since 2001. The ethereal aromatics of the H BlockCabernet Franc in late and cool vintages such as 2011 are legendary, as those lucky enough to have experienced the 1998 and 2000 vintages can attest. The Merlot from the Hudson I Block, to which Arietta moved in 2010 after the uprooting of our NBlock, has proved to be a perfect partner to the H Block Franc, with its immediately adjacent location, greater degree of slope, and slightly warmer exposure.