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Checkerboard Red 2012

Due to extreme allocation - Please call about our currnet offerings and what's available. The winery at Checkerboard is a small building reflecting a 'four-poster’ barn style found in early New England. We did not want a large building impacting the quiet and natural surrounding environment. As a result Steph Martin designed an attractive, yet functional winery that does not detract from the stunning nature of Checkerboard. The driving force at Checkerboard is to preserve the beauty of the surroundings and to impact that natural beauty as little as possible. With it's tall cupola to watch over the surrounding vineyards, and big windows to enjoy the beautiful views, the winery at Checkerboard nestles comfortably in its own private valley surrounded by tall redwoods and rolling vineyards. The cedar clad building also houses our tasting room on the second floor of the winery building over the fermentation room.

retail price: $350.00
sale price: $325.00