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Tierra Roja Cabernet 2012

'While the 2012 vintage is best known for its exuberant expression of fruit, the Tierra Roja sets itself apart with a distinct sensation of refinement. The glass greets one like an aromatic garland of cherry, spiced plum, cocoa and thyme that is deftly woven together. Yet wine is a sensorial journey. Thus it is the gearbox of such a wine that intrigues first-time tasters and ardent fans of the storied Tierra Roja site. The palate races along with full and robust flavors of dark plums, cedar, cocoa and espresso to an ethereal finish with toffee-like richness. The flavors transition with thrilling vigor due to the bright acidity and full expression of tannins from a grand cru site. While fun to share now, the ’12 Tierra Roja is a great example of a wine that rewards 5-10 years of cellaring with superb results.' -David DeSante